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Let's talk! Call Us Now:
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Personal Care

We can help you wash, dress, shower or bath, and get into bed. All of our caregivers are trained in moving and handling. They are able to provide assistance with a variety of moving and handling equipment and in a variety of ways. As well as assisting with hygiene and mobility, we can also monitor blood sugar levels, care for catheters, and provide support stockings.

Care we provide

Domiciliary Care

The term domiciliary care refers to any treatment that can be provided at home for people who would prefer to remain at home. We will tailor a bespoke care package to meet your specific needs when you choose Quest Healthcare for domiciliary care.

A customised careplan is created for each individual, taking into account existing habits, like your nightly sleep routine, medications, or hobbies.

Live-In Care

Choosing to live in your own home is a viable alternative to living in a nursing home or residential care facility. Everywhere in the country, families prefer to live in their own home. You can live an independent, dignified, and fulfilling life with a live-in caregiver who comes to your home to provide all the care and support you need. 

Our live-in caregiver can help you cope with the daily tasks and activities you haven’t been able to manage on your own, provide you with support when your family member is unable to, or provide 24-hour care when you need it the most because you have increased care needs.

Care we provide

Palliative Care

In palliative care, patients are treated with relief from pain, stress, and symptoms of a severe illness, offered a support system that helps them remain independent and comfortable until the end of their lives.

By providing up to 24 hours of care, we allow you to bring your loved ones home knowing they will receive professional care and support from skilled and compassionate caregivers. If you or a loved one could benefit from palliative care, please contact our supportive and compassionate team today.

Care we provide

Supported Living

In supported living, people receive personal care as part of the support they need to live at home. The term ‘supported living’ refers to housing where care and support are provided to assist people in living as independently as possible. Individual tenancies are provided to people in supported living.

An individual may live in an individual flat or share a room with two or three other adults who have similar support needs. Support and care are tailored to the individual’s needs, with a focus on maintaining or enhancing independence as necessary. Individuals will be assisted by visiting support workers in accessing services and social activities according to their wishes.

Domestic Help

Keeping up with all the things that need to be done on a regular basis, from cleaning and shopping to washing and paying bills, can quickly become a challenge when circumstances change. When left unattended, these chores can become a source of stress as well as a source of pollution.

Whether it’s piles of dirty clothes, the unwashed dishes in the sink, the paths and patios overgrown with weeds, and bills that need to be paid, even bird feeders that need to be filled, our carers will make your home look clean and orderly.

Over Night Care

Night times can be particularly challenging. At night, things can feel different, so knowing someone else is available to call on can be reassuring. You may benefit from this when going through a difficult time or need some practical support at a time when it is needed to provide some emotional comfort

Night care we provide:

Companionship Care

Everyone needs someone to help with chores and other responsibilities, especially as we age. Many factors contribute to loneliness among the elderly, and it is a growing problem. The value of companionship lies in the social aspects of care, as opposed to the medical or personal aspects. Soon you will be able to count on your companion for every need.

Care we provide

Respite Care

The importance of rest cannot be overstated. It is important for you to be strong in yourself before you can be strong for someone else. Being carers ourselves, we understand this. In order to support other carers, we provide respite care services that make sure our carers are well looked after.

Our team would love to help you if you are caring for someone else and are looking for some extra support. Quest Healthcare is ready to assist you in finding respite care for you and your family. Contact us to learn more.