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Quest ~ How we do it

The Quest mission is to use our unique evidence-based tool Quest Care Intervention Domains (QCID)©™ to assess care and to ascertain patient acuity through Quest Auditor Assessed Acuity (QAAA)©™ scoring.


The way we do this is that after agreeing an audit sample of community services with the commissioning organisation, the Quest Auditors accompany community nurses throughout their whole shift, whether that is during the week, weekends or evenings. At Quest we believe that together with data from our range of expert tools, it is the clinical expertise of the Team Auditors observing real time community nursing which gives us such a rich source of audit information.


We also use our unique quality assurance tool to assess quality of provision and practitioner knowledge base. We believe the results of our community nursing audits and the tools we use, offer providers and commissioners of community health services an improved currency for measuring and rewarding performance, quality and effectiveness.


Above all we strive to ensure our work in community nursing improves and enhances patient and carer experience. Following the audits, our mission is to work with partner organisations to implement the recommendations to improve staff satisfaction and role development.




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